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We want to inspire people to follow Jesus further. To thrive by finding Him personally and in Christian community that then will spill out to our neighbors.

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The Chicken Dinner 2024

It's time for our annual Chicken Dinner fundraiser!  

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Passage Night
Helping boys to step into what God has for them as young men.
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Christ in the Passover

This Easter season, come experience God’s story of redemption through a "Christ in the Passover" event on Palm Sunday. This demonstration of a traditional seder is designed to educate and deepen our faith through the historic understanding of the Passover meal and Christ's role in it. The missionary who is leading the event is a Jewish follower of Jesus Christ from Jews for Jesus.

This event is free, and children are encouraged to attend (no childcare provided).  You may contribute a love offering to the missionary conducting the demonstration at the event.

The event begins at 5:30 PM on March 24 in the Lifeline Community Center and a potluck dinner will follow. Please bring a main dish and side or dessert, enough to feed at least your family and a few more. In honor of tradition, we are encouraging folks to avoid the use of pork or shellfish, yeast, baking soda, or other rising agents so it adheres to general kosher dietary restrictions. Meals with chicken or beef work well, and many Passover recipes are available online if you are feeling adventurous. You may expect the demo to last about an hour and dinner to last an hour or more.

This is a fun and interactive event for the entire family designed to celebrate Christ this Easter season!

You must SIGN UP FOR THIS EVENT BY MARCH 17 at the link below, or at the LCC Connections Desk on a Sunday morning.

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